Where the River Flows

What are you “thirsty” for in your life? Where do you feel a thirst, a longing, a need – and where are you trying to have that thirst and that need met? How is that working out for you? Bring your thirst – and hear Jesus’ invitation. Text: John 7:37-39

The Irresistible Drawing of God

When we are saved, when the gospel becomes real to us and attractive to us – who does what to make that possible? Where does the ability to believe and decide come from? These are more than abstract questions, for we not only need to know who does what in our salvation…but who keeps us secure? […]

When God Sets You Adrift

Suffering and hard times are hard enough to endure and move through on their own. But what about the times when you are aware that, not only are you suffering — but God deliberately sent you right into the middle of it? What about when you cry out to God, “Why? How long?” … and […]

So That the Fragments Are Not Wasted

Perfect people with perfect lives don’t need a Savior. But for real people, who carry broken lives, broken dreams, and who feel the effect of broken dreams, the gospel offers a chance to come and find healing and purpose. But how do we come? With open hands, admitting our insufficiency, and resting on Jesus to […]

Is Jesus God

We hear the attacks and the questions from so many directions. Things like, “Jesus was a good man, but he never claimed to be God,” or, “The historical Jesus is different than the Jesus Christ the church made up.” Was Jesus indeed God? How can we know? Can we indeed trust our lives and our […]

Your Life Married to Another

So what does this new life in Christ really look like? If we have been set free from external rules, laws, and obligations. What are we freed to? What difference does the good news and freedom of the gospel really make in our lives? To answer that, we turn to a Scripture that uses a […]